This photographic project was created to sensibilise whom is interested in fine-art, and art-nude in all facets as for whom have prejudices about this theme in this case, in photography. We are nude in the most relevant moments of our life: when we born in this world, when we die, when we procreate. The idea of the nudity as an “offensive” status against “decency” and /  or the common sense it is the idea that gets offended by the nature itself, of the harmony and beauty of the human body.

The nudity as a “sin” to hide and obscure it is a medieval “typo” as the censorship, no matter survives. The harmony and beauty of the human body and even more the feminine one are from the down of times source of inspiration, object and subject of many of the most beautiful masterpieces the humanity created ( in the prehistoric graffiti the feminine has been portrayed and celebrated in the nude, the Botticelli’s Venus is nude rising up from the water, even God and Adam in the Sistine Chapel are nude, etc…) To be censored ( eventually ) could be the morbid look of whom see “dirt” in the nudity itself. There is Beauty also in the nude, sensuality ( and not necessarily sexuality ) as femininity also in the nude not only in the “acceptable” advertising of a lingerie company using a winking model in sexy poses or wearing sensual fashion outfits. There are not “clean” and “dirty” genres in photography as in any other forms of art. Exist only the personal, respectable and with pair dignity perception of each of us receiving an emotions from a sunset in photo or a landscape as seeing a nude woman, or human in general.. Not my case and my intention as an artistic research and path, but also who makes photography or any other art or legal activity with sexual implications will find here an ally and respect because sex is not a “sin” it is instead the higher matter how we share as humans, love and the most creative human act: create life through procreation. Magno is against any restriction of the freedom of expression, against any limitations of the freedom of choice, against those who tries to obscure “Beauty” in all the forms it can appear. Magno is it is against the restriction of freedom Magno is therefore, unavoidably, also against censorship.

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