“I know only two things that can go beyond the natural and inexorable flow of the time: love, that is not subject to any rule which is not its own one, and Photography able to crystallize in a moment, the space and time in a photo-frame. . . forever.”



During years dedicated to photography i gained a wide experience from international cooperations, mainly in the East Europe, working and cooperating with clients and models worldwide with diffrent bckrounds and cultures for artisitc and commercial projects.


Always been inspired by the harmony and beauty ot the human body, mainly the feminine one: the human expressivity, the emotions, the feelings and the empathy created by the the human exchange during the photographic process. Portraits, the harmony of the feminine nude no matter sensual and with a human erotic charge, never vulgar, never “sexualised” but with conceptual connotations and “contaminated” by the elegance of the fashion style, meet my photographic taste.